Delighting in preserving memories for generations to come.


Based in Dutchess County, New York


My Background


The passion that has taken me to Africa on photo safari is the same with which I approach each family event and portrait session.  I am most fortunate to love my work and to play a little part in many a family's storybook. Thank you for the privilege.  

Photography as Communication


We are surrounded  by natural beauty, amazing animals and interesting people. I use my lens to document the world and share  images with a focus on the magic found in daily lives.  If you can "feel" an image, I have done my job.

Sharing Stories


Ah, the wonders of digital!  With one click we can send images, moments and captures across the room or across the world.  The "Gallery" section on this site invites you to view and purchase the latest events in digital form.  Standard prints, personalized photo gifts and more can be viewed under the "Galleries Plus" section.